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Sitting Cross-legged, Can it Cause Problems to Your Health?


Sitting for a long period of time is known of being unhealthy for your body. It can increase the risk for dozens of chronic conditions, cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. It was even mentioned that sitting too...

Long Naps Increase Risk of Heart Problems and Diabetes


Sleeping is a daily routine. However, a long nap can increase the risk of heart problems and diabetes. This is according to a new meta-analysis presented at the American College of Cardiology (ACC).

Recognize Sexual Hormones in Women


Hormones are chemical substances produced by the endocrine glands that have a certain effect on the activity of other organs in the body. Hormones play an important role to control the functions of the body. When a person has good...

Things That Make You Age Faster


Do you often hear advice from others to be more active and energetic while you’re still young? Lifestyle is the main cause behind aging. Here are some things that may accelerate your aging process, as reported by the Times of India :

What Happens To Our Body When We Are Angry?


Anger and frustration is not only harmful for your mental health, but  can also harm your overall health. Many people will get angry about little things which in the end will not provide any benefits for their health. So, what really...

Routine Exercise Will Cut Your Health Costs

exercise reduce breast cancer risks

There are many information which explains about the benefits of routine exercise. But, in fact there are still many people that finds it difficult and heavy to exercise as they do not have the motivation to do routine exercise. A study also showed...

Belly Fat Is More Dangerous Than Fat Beneath the Skin


Obesity seemed to be the latest trends nowadays including the increase of belly fat. Ironically, those who are overweight have higher risk of suffering from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and even heart attacks. But, there is something even more dangerous than...

Morning Sickness Reduce The Risks of Miscarriage


Pregnancy is a very happy and special moment for married couples, but often the symptoms of morning sickness can be very discomforting for pregnant women.

Prevent Cervical Cancer by Performing Early Detection


Cervical cancer is one type of malignant cancer that attacks the cervix, women needs to know the steps to prevent cervical cancer. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus that protrudes into the upper part of the vagina....

Obese Father Can Influence Breast Cancer on Her Daughter

obese father

We all know that obesity is simply not good for anyone. Not only can it cause various different health problems, but people who are obese does not look good, are not agile, and can easily feel tired. You should...

Children’s mental health is heavily influence by violence at home

Happy Children

If you have children than you should always provide them with love and support. A safe environment is a must have for children anywhere in the word. They have to be and feel safe, far away from and type...

Soothe Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Soothe Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

One of the problems encountered during pregnancy is swollen foot. Not only does it hurt, but it can also cause difficulty in walking and doing other activities. But do not worry, because there are alternative methods pregnant women can try to prevent or...

Experiencing blue lips? Beware of heart disease

6 Mistakes made by heart disease patients

Heart disease has long been known to be one of the top cause of death in the world. But do not worry, the disease can be prevented and it also has signs that can be detected early. Signs of someone...

Holiday Benefits for Mental and Physical Health of Children

Holiday Benefits for Mental and Physical Health of Children

During summer or after school exams, parents are used to take their children on holiday trips to relieve stress. Experts from the Postgraduate Institue of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh revealed that a summer camp or vacation for children can actually play...

These Seven Foods Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent breast cancer with these 3 steps!

Cancer can be suffered by anyone, male or female, young or old. Genetics is the main factor for cancer not to mention other main factors like carcinogen, and one of the most important, which is lifestyle.

Beware, Gonorrhea is becoming Drug-resistant and may not be Cured


Health officials in England, UK, had warned people that the Gonorrhea disease could now be drug-resistant, and is feared to be able to become ‘untreatable’. Not only will this cause concerns in the UK, but in the US as...

4 Tips to Overcome Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms is something that is very disturbing and people do not like talking about it, especially if they have a problem with the condition.