10 areas with most germs in a restaurant


Do not forget to wash your hands before eating. This advice should not be ignored. Because despite being in a restaurant which is actually a place to eat, it turns out that there are many locations that has germs.

Some areas in a restaurant with most germs are areas you’ve probably never even thought before. However, through testing samples from New York University Microbiology Department, it was confirmed that a few places in a restaurant are likely to have germs. See the list of places with germs, as reported by ABC News.

  1.     Salad tongs. Salad vegetables and fruit is healthy. Unfortunately salad tongs have germs on them.
  2.     Sauce bottle. Dozens of hands held the bottle of sauce in the restaurant, you can imagine how much germs there are.
  3.     Bathroom faucets. be careful when holding them because they contain many germs.
  4.     The handle of the bathroom door. This are is also has lots of germs. Maybe you should not go to the bathroom at all during a visit to the restaurant.
  5.     Glass. Try drinking with a straw that is used only once. Because the rglass tends to be full of germs and is quite harmful because it can go straight through the mouth.
  6.     Table. Not all restaurant clean their desk with disinfectant. So if you dropped food on the table, do not take it back!
  7.     Salt and pepper. The case is almost the same as a bottle of ketchup. So do not often touching this.
  8.     Citrus squeezer. This could contain lots of germs.
  9.     The menu. Often held by a lot of people and obviously never washed.
  10.     Seating. Just like the menu, the restaurant also tend to not want to bother with the hygienes of chair. Though the are has lots of bacteria!

So, how do you avoid these germs? Just do not forget to wash your hands before eating!