10 correct ways to overcome knee pain


how to overcome knee painThe knee is a joint that is often injured and the pain is really excruciating. So how do we fix this? Consider how to appropriately address knee pain as reported by the Health Me Up below.

1. Applying an ice cube is the first step to relieve pain on the knee. But do not forget to wrap ice cubes in a towel and not directly exposed to the skin to overcome the pain you’re experiencing.

2 .If you like running or climbing a mountain, cut the habit. Because certain activities are easy to make your knees hurt and feel pain.

3. Check out the shoes you wear. Is the sole, material, or size appropriate? Because footwear also contributed to trigger the pain in the knee.

4. If there is a difference in leg length, talk to your doctor. Legs really should be proportional in order to avoid injury and pain.

5. You should also frequently do exercise by stretching the legs wide open. This will make the leg muscles more flexible and reduce the risk of knee pain.

6. In addition, the muscles in the back of the thigh also need to be trained to a particular exercise. Talk to your doctor about the right exercise to strengthen the muscles.

7. There are also foods that makes the knee stronger, such as berries, ginger, avocado, flaxseed, fish containing omega-3, and soybeans.

8. Posture should be improved in order to avoid knee pain. For example, when sitting, make sure the leg is not bent or hanging. Position your body on the chair as comfortable as possible. Also, do not cross your legs when sitting for a long time.

9. Limit salt intake that could trigger excess water retention and swollen, which can result in painful knee.

10. For vegetables, do hesitate to eat eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, as well as vitamin C for the health of the knee.

Those are the right way to overcome pain in the knee. It is better to prevent than to treat right?