10 Disadvantages of Soda for the Body


soda dangerWhen feeling thirsty, many of us prefer a bottle of cold soda drink. But did you know that this carbonated beverage is one of the worst beverages other than alcoholic beverages? You can be addicted to caffeine in soda. Not to mention it has a very high sugar content.

There are 10 disadvantages of soda for the body, according to Method of Healing.

1. Weight Gain
Drinking one can of soda each day in a month will raise your weight as much as a half kilogram of body weight.

2. There is no nutritional value in soda
When you feel thirsty, the body needs nutritious fluids. While the soda has no nutritional value in it. This drink is only going to be ‘waste’ in the body.

3. Increase the risk of diabetes
The high levels of sugar in soda can increase risk of diabetes.

4.Soda can cause osteoporosis
When you drink soda with low calcium content, you can get bone loss or osteoporosis.

5. Soda damage teeth
Soda compound erodes and damage tooth enamel. So it can cause cavities and broken teeth.

6. Soda linked to kidney damage
People who drink soda are at greater risk of kidney stones and kidney damage.

7. Triggers ulcer disease
Soda makes their drinkers more likely to be exposed to and exacerbate ulcer disease.

8. Soda cause dehydration
Levels of caffeine and sugar in soda can cause body dehydration.

9. Soda disrupt the digestive system
Acid in the soda does not react well with the digestive system.

10. Diet sodas are harmful
Diet sodas contains  aspartame  artificial sweetener which is related with several disorders such as phenylketonuria.

Healthy alternatives to replace soda
So what can help remove the dependency on soda? Given the nutritional value,  juice is the best beverage choice. While water is the best drink to keep the body hydrated. One to two glasses of fruit juice every day as well as six glasses of water and calcium-fortified beverage is the best choice for health.