10 Drugs that should be avoided during pregnancy


Drugs that should be avoided during pregnancyEverything that is consumed by pregnant women need to be considered properly. Like drugs, because it influence not only on the mother but also the baby. Consider the drugs that should be avoided during pregnancy, as reported by Mag for Women below.

Pain relievers
Relief medication or pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin may affect fetal growth. If a mother has headache, it is better to use natural healing medicine.

Antifungal drug
Fungi are common problems experienced by pregnant women. But do not carelessly take anti fungal drugs without the consent of the doctor.

Acne medication
During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body can trigger acne. But no need to take medication to get rid of acne. Just let the acne go away by itself.

Fever drug
Medication containing paracetamol for fever is usually avoided during pregnancy. Because high doses of paracetamol strongly influence the development of the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Anti depression
Consumption of antidepressants during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects. To relieve stress, better do yoga or meditation.

In addition to anti-fungal, anti-allergy drugs also need to be avoided. Overcome allergy problems in a natural way. For example staying away from dust, diligently cleaning the house, and strengthen the immune system by eating nutritious food.

Almost no antibiotics are safe for consumption by pregnant women. But if there is no other way, try to consult with a doctor to find another form of treatment.

Anti-motion sickness drugs
Do not take anti-motion sickness medication while pregnant. Effect could be bad for the baby. Find other ways to address the problems experienced motion sickness.

Sleeping pills
Even sleeping pills for men and women also have an impact normal unhealthy, especially if pregnant mothers eat. No need to take medication to sleep when my mother had a hard time closing his eyes.

Although derived from natural plants and nature, it also includes medicinal herbs that should be avoided when pregnant. For example, aloe vera, ginseng, and rosemary.

Those are a variety of drugs that should be avoided when pregnant.