10 Foods that triggers insomnia


Food can be a source of disease as well as health. However, high-carbohydrate foods often triggers insomnia problem. Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping is a common disorder that is common to a lot of people lately. Basically, people need at least 8 hours of sleep a day to keep fit. Here are the foods that can trigger insomnia, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Caffeine
Foods high in caffeine is a part of the daily food that we eat often. Tea, coffee, chocolate and energy drinks are caffeine carriers. Remember, caffeine is consumed in limited quantities. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to sleep disturbances, particularly insomnia.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol can cause dehydration problems that lead to the disruption of the serotonin hormone, which makes it difficult to sleep.

3. Foods high in protein
Foods rich in protein, especially red meat, is very difficult to digest. These foods can cause sleep problems by inhibiting the production of serotonin which makes you awake all night.

4. Food that triggers gas
Foods that can produce gas in the stomach and heartburn make you sleep uncomfortable. So, avoid excessive consumption of foods that can produce gases such as peas, beans and broccoli.

5. Foods high in sugar
Foods high in sugar can cause an imbalance in sleep patterns. So, you should avoid these foods before you sleep.

6. Dairy products
Some people have the habit of drinking milk before bed. Did you know that it can trigger insomnia problem that we often face. Foods containing fat-rich milk is difficult to digest, which can cause heartburn.

7. Fast food
This type of food undoubtedly has the potential to trigger insomnia. In addition to high-fat, fast food is also rich in flavor, which makes the stomach feel uncomfortable at night. This is what ultimately leads to insomnia.

8. Tobacco and nicotine
Bad habits, like smoking, can cause insomnia and other sleep disorders problems. So for those of you who like to smoke, avoid this habit before sleeping.

9. Fluid
Drinking much water is good for the body, but at night it is advisable to limit the drinking. Besides it makes you feel bloated, drinking too much water at night will make you more likely to go to the restroom.

10. Packaged foods
Packaged foods or processed foods are also known to be senitive. Eat this food in the evening can cause heartburn because they contain high fat.

Those are ten foods that can trigger sleep disorder problems. Avoid the consumption of these foods if you do not want to experience it.

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