10 Interesting Facts About Breasts


Breast factsBreast is a symbol of sexiness and female fertility. Although already much discussed, but still little knowledge about breast is published.

Here are the facts about breast you should know as quoted from healthmeup.

1. Breast size is not the same
Women’s right and left breast has shape and size that is not symmetrical.

3. You can not increase breast size naturally
Breast size can not be added in a natural way. Breast tips on this matter is just about how to improve breast health and how to secure it.

3. Breast will later only contain fat
When at a young age, your breasts contain the mammary glands, fat, and collagen. But as you get older, your breasts will be sagging and will only contain fat.

4. The first impression is on your breast
A study revealed that when meeting, about 80 % of men looks at your breasts first. And what is most interesting is that looking at a women’s breasts continuously for 10 minutes is the same as an aerobic activity for half an hour.

5. Sleeping face down can damage the breast
Sleeping face down is able to make your breasts become tense and painful. This position is also believed to distort the shape of your breasts.

6. The world’s largest breasts
You want to know who has the biggest pair of breasts in the world? She is Sheyla Hershey from Texas who has 38KKK breast size.

7. Men can grow breasts
Men are also able to have the same breasts like a woman. This situation is called  gynecomastia where there is excessive growth of the mammary gland in men.

8. Breastfeeding helps lose weight
This is good news for women who are breastfeeding. Because breastfeeding is able to help losing weight quickly and effectively.

9. Wrong bra size
Nearly 85 % of women wear the wrong bra size and is capable of inflicting problems that are fatal for health.

10. Effective sexual booster
During foreplay, do not hesitate to touch a woman’s breasts. Because approximately 82 % of women really like to be touched on the breast when they will have sex.

Breast indeed save a million secret that deserves to be known. But the important thing is to always keep your breast health.

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