10 main cause of high cholesterol levels


Cholesterol levels should be kept in balance for the body to function properly. Because if cholesterol levels increase, there will be a blockage in the blood vessels which is dangerous for cardiovascular.

But what exactly triggers the increase of cholesterol levels? Check out the explanation, as quoted by Health Me Up.

1. Unhealthy Diet
Excessive consumption of saturated fat is the first cause why the levels of cholesterol in the body increases dramatically. Saturated fats are usually rich in fat and cholesterol and is found in foods such as meat, butter, and cheese.

You should limit your intake of foods containing saturated fats to balance the levels of cholesterol in the body.

2. Heredity
Cholesterol levels also seems to be influenced by heredity. So if you have a family history of high cholesterol, you should be vigilant and diligently see the doctor.

Typically, high cholesterol gene heir at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

3. Obesity
This problem is very often mentioned as a source of various diseases, including improving cholesterol levels in the body.

To avoid the increase, it is highly recommended for those who are obese to lose weight quickly. Because if left unchecked, obesity can increase the risk of other diseases in your body.

4. Lazy
Like to sit all day in front of television screens and lazy to exercise? Be careful, these habits are also able to increase the levels of cholesterol in your body.

From now on, let’s get active and do regular exercise to maintain fitness and control cholesterol levels in order to stay balanced.

5. Smoking
The role of smoking in the body is to reduce levels of good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol.  Eventually, various diseases will threaten your body.

So you should stop smoking. Although it is difficult, try to reduce little by little until you are able to stop completely.

6. Age and sex
Cholesterol levels also seem to increase with age since you are the age of 20 years. The increase goes up to the age of 60-65 years.

Meanwhile, women tend to decrease cholesterol before menopause. But their cholesterol goes up dramatically after menopause.

7. Drugs
Can medications cause increased cholesterol levels? It turned out to be true! So if you want to take certain medications, consult your doctor first. Who knows the drug in the body makes cholesterol icnrease.

8. Alcohol
Consuming excessive alcohol regularly will ruin the day, the heart muscle, and eventually lead to an increase in blood pressure. Not only that, cholesterol levels will also increase.

Therefore, limit your alcohol consumption if you do not want to increase cholesterol levels.

9. Stress
When a person is stressed, they will tend to smoke, drink alcohol, and eat unhealthy foods. These habits will obviously make cholesterol levels rise.

So you should avoid or cope with stress immediately before making a mistake that affects the increase in cholesterol levels.

10. Disease
Certain diseases, such as diabetes, also affect cholesterol levels in the body. For problems like this, you have to be more careful and consult a doctor. Make sure your cholesterol levels stay balanced and not at risk of causing other diseases.