10 Main triggers of migraines


Main triggers of migrainesMigraine is caused by swelling of the nerves that lead to the expansion of blood vessels in the brain. Migraine can actually be quite dangerous, it was previously known that migraine increases the risk of heart disease and stroke in women. So what exactly is a migraine trigger? Know more, as quoted from Care2  below.

Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and soda. So sudden excessive caffeine consumption can trigger migraines.

Whether it’s in the form of bars or drinks, all chocolate contains compounds that cause blood vessels to contract and cause migraines.

Ranging from almonds to pistachios, too much eating both of these nuts can make you suffer from migraines.

Mostly found in snack that tastes salty. The content of chemical compounds in MSG apparently serves as one of the triggers of migraine.

Processed meat and fish
A variety of meat and fish products are processed in the form of canned, smoked, fermented. These type of products are best to be avoided. They are one of the main causes of migraine.

Dairy products, especially cheese
The older the cheese, the worse the effect it has on the body and the effect on migraine.

Red wine
Red wine is actually a healthy beverage and rich in antioxidants. But consuming too much can actually cause migraines.

Certain fruits and vegetables
Although healthy, apparently dried fruit, such as raisins, and whole grains are capable of causing migraines.

Freshly baked bread
Donuts, pizza, and other freshly baked breads causes a migraine because of the high content of yeast in it.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in soft drinks. This chemical compound disrupt nerve cells that trigger migraines if consumed too much.

Those are ten major triggers of migraines. Avoid all of them if you do not want to experience the headache. Besides the triggers of migraines, you might also like to know things that can relieve migraines. Well, here are five foods that can relieve migraine.