10 Signs dogs and cats has cancer


Signs dogs and cats has cancerNot only humans that can get cancer, it turned out that pets can also get the disease, especially dogs and cats. So what are the signs? Know more as quoted from Care2 below.

Not all lumps are found on the body of a dog or cat is a sign of cancer. But it never hurts to make sure by going to the vet.

Unpleasant Scent
If a dog or cat issue a bad smell from the mouth, ears, or other body parts, please check immediately.

Health conditions
Cat or dog vomit, blood, or diarrhea can be a sign of cancer. Bad health condition should be consulted with a veterinarian.

Wounds do not heal
If a dog or cat has a long injury recovery, meaning that pets may be exposed to infection, skin disease, or cancer.

Weight loss
Cancer also make pets lost weight drastically.

Decreased appetite
Dogs and cats will not experience a decrease in appetite for no apparent reason. Although cancer is not the only cause, but consulting a veterinarian is recommended.

Coughing and difficulty breathing
Coughing and breathing difficulties can be triggered by heart disease, pulmonary, and cancer.

If a cat or dog acts different, like a lot of sleep, rarely play, and looks lazy, it could be they have cancer. Because depression is also a sign of diseases including cancer.

Bowel habits
Changes in bowel movements, whether it’s more often, rarely, or with blood, is a condition that needs to be wary of. Because it could be a sign of cancer.

When cats and dogs walk and hobbled look in pain, they may be affected by arthritis or cancer – particularly bone cancer.

Those are a variety of signs of dogs and cats with cancer. If these signs appear, please feel free to go to the vet immediately.