10 Signs of Gifted Children


gifted childMany parents give their children the latest toys. However, most toddlers will look genius only in the eyes of their parents. There are also toddlers who are already been gifted from birth.

How to track your child’s talents? Well, according to lilsugar, here are 10 clues of it.

1. Collecting Information
Those who have the intelligence are able to capture a variety of information they hear and retell it in the future.

National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) gives an example. “A 6 year old child had just returned from a trip to the museum and is able to describe the space rocket he saw accurately.”

2. Great sense of interest
Gifted children generally shows interest in various topics. They may like dinosaurs in a given month, then they would be interested in space the following month and so on.

3. Writing and Reading Early
If your child is a toddler that is smart, he or she will be able to read and write at an early age with no previous formal education.

4. Talented in the Field of Art
Children who show unusual talent in art or music and other, sometimes are believed to be a gifted child. Toddlers who are able to draw something clear, capable of making a perfect line or illustrate a high level of understanding of art is generally categorized as gifted children.

5. Show true concentration
Children are known to dislike long time of concentration. But if your child is included as those who like to concentrate or interested in something with a long period, then the child can be regarded as a gifted child.

6. Have Good Memory
Some toddlers who are gifted are able to remember something well since they were small. For example, two-year-olds are able to remember and retell the events since they were 18 months old.

7. Have Advanced Vocabulary
Toddlers who are able to speak at an early age may not be included in the signs of gifted children. But if your little one can use advanced vocabulary and sentences, then they are as smart as you thought. For example, according to the NAGC, if the child at the age of two years old generally make the sentence, “There is a Dog.” A gifted two year old child will be able to make a longer sentence. Like, “There is a brown dog in the back yard and he was sniffing our flowers.”

8. Attention To Details
Gifted child has attention to details. Older children more likely want to know specifically how the way things work. While younger children are able to put back where they picked up their toys or knows when  something is moved from its original location.

9. Do what they want
In general, children are not too concerned with themselves or others, unless their friend has something they want. But not for a gifted children, they care about others and are also highly notice themselves.

10. Understand Something Complex
Toddlers who have high intelligence have the ability to understand something complex, concerned with relationships and think abstractly. They are able to understand the problem deeply and think of solutions.