10 Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease


Not all Parkinson’s disease sufferers have the same symptoms, this disease is even sometimes difficult to identify. Because of that, clinical observation by expert is needed.

But, according to yahoohealth, the ‘United Kingdom Parkinson’s Disease Society Brain Bank’ had a guideline on some common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Well, here are those signs:

1. Have very slow and sometimes clumsy movement. Parkinson’s disease sufferers takes more time when putting on their shirt button, when they take a call, or other strenuous activity. The decline of movement is known as bradykinesia. As a follow-up, Parkinson’s disease patients experience the condition of “frozen” like statues when walking or turning around and unable to move.

2. Hands or arm shake when resting or relaxed. Approximately 70-80 percent of Parkinson’s disease patients experience resting tremor of  or vibration in the hand, arm, chin or face. This vibration occurs when the patient put their hand on their thigh in a relaxed condition or when they want to take a cup of tea. However, if a person’s hand shakes while holding a cup or writing with a pen, s/he’s probably just experiencing “usual vibration” and not Parkinson’s.

3. Patients complain feeling tense or pain, stiffness in muscles, arms and body until it is difficult to move. Getting out of bed or standing from a chair becomes very difficult. People suffering from Parkinson’s rarely make spontaneous movements and lose expression on their face.

4. Parkinson’s disease followers can not hold on long in a standing position. The general hint is that patients will lose their body balance and can fall. They usually will walk with small steps and slowly. However, if your someone goes through this and is not followed by other Parkinson’s symptoms, they might have different diagnosis.

5. Problem on the other side of your body. Symptoms include trembling fingers or stiffness on the legs. Motor movement in Parkinson’s patients initially only interfere with one side of the body. Furthermore, in the next few years this disorder will spread to the other side.

6. Changes in handwriting. One strange thing which is easy to know from people with Parkinson’s is their handwriting becomes smaller. This symptoms can be regarded as an early indication of the difficulty of motor motion.

7. Patients with Parkinson’s seems like they lack energy. Parkinson’s sufferer will usually experience problems with depression before movement problems. Experts believe, mental disorders are part of Parkinson’s disease itself, not just the reaction of having the disease.

8. When they walk, one hand does not swing as much as other hand and this slow movement will spread to the entire body. For example, at first the hand swings more slowly than usual, followed by rare blinking.

9. Patients do not recognize smells. In the early stages, Parkinson’s patients often lose the sense of smell because the process of decline in neural development.

10. Their words are difficult to be heard and understood. Parkinson’s disease sufferers makes voices that are quite, weak and difficult to understand.