10 Things that make you feel old


Age of a person can not be predicted. But it turns out that some of the things that you normally do will make you feel older than your actual age. Check out this review as quoted from Care2.com:

Lazy to move
Not willing to exercise normally causes the body to tire easily when forced to do physical activity. You also feel that you are old and unable to move on like a young person.

Lazy to think
A previous study says that dementia can strike even if you are still in your 30s. What is the different? It turns out it was caused by the increasing number of people who are too lazy to think.

Poor diet
Advice to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other nutritious foods are often heard to maintain your health. But if you ignore it, of course you will be susceptible to disease and feels like your immune systems deteriorate like an old man.

Often experience stress
Stress is one of the things that make you feel old. To avoid this, do not hesitate to meditate or take a yoga class before depression influence your physical condition.

Negative thinking
Almost the same as stress, negative thinking also makes you feel old. So from now on you should more often be positive and should also be thankful.

Alcohol consumption
Many researchers say that alcohol is good for health if it is consumed in proper amounts. But if you drink alcohol excessively, it could have an impact on your physical condition and make you feel old.

Secondhand smoke
If you do not smoke, it is better to stay away from the community of smokers. The reason is that being a passive smoker also endanger the health of the lungs and affect aging.

Pollution is one of the things that make you feel old. Because like secondhand smoke, you should avoid the pollution sources area that have no impact on the physical condition.

Certain drugs
Do you take sleeping pills if you can not sleep? Stop the habit now. Because certain drugs adversely affect your health, so you feel aging fast.

Family history
Several types of inherited disease are difficult to avoid. But you can put them off by a healthy lifestyle so that your aging is normal as usual.

Lifestyle changes that may be trivial improves your physical and mental health. So even though you are old, wouldn’t it be fun if you still stay in shape like a young person?