10 Ways to be Happy at the Work Place


happy workersWhat are you looking for in your work? there could be many answers to this question, like salary, promotion, or position. But does it make you happy? Instead of being happy, sometimes work causes a person to feel stress, despair, and even unhappy.

Famous author of Happiness at Work, Srikumar Rao, says that money or position is not the key to happiness at work. “The greatest obstacle to happiness is in your beliefs,” Rao said, according to Forbes.

According to Rao, there are 10 simple ways to keep yourself happy at work.

1. Do the best job possible.
When something bad happens, do not blame yourself. Conversely, when making a mistake, realize without judging. “Do what you must do,” he said.

2. Learn to deal with adversity.
Rao defines it as an extreme endurance exercise. Some people can quickly overcome adversity, but for others it can be very slow. Well, there’s no point in accusing yourself to be useless. “Practice to do great things,” he said.

3. Do not revenge.
Revenge against their boss or colleague can make someone unhappy. This is one key to success to be happy in a job, forgive the mistakes of others.

4. Do not be jealous.
Jealous or envious of the success of others is not a solution. Think positive because what happens to others will happen to you.

5. Find the passion to work in yourself.
Focus on your work now. And dig the ability as much as possible. You work for yourself, instead of working out of necessity.

6. Introspection.
You can imagine the problems that you have completed a few years ago, and look in it to face the problems to come. This can help you find new perspectives.

7. Avoid fantasizing.
Usually someone fantasize an ideal job according to their mind. This mindset must be changed so it does not clash with your condition today.

8. Emphasis on process, not results.
Sometimes the results you want do not match with reality. If you are too focused on the goal, the disappointment can haunt you. Emphasizing on the process is an investment to happiness.

9. Unselfish.
Think about other people because your success is also determined around you.

10. Heavy work is not a burden, but a training to develop.
Nothing can be achieved easily. Think of the burden of work piling up in front of you as a training process to get to the next stage.