10 World’s Most Mysterious Diseases


The increasing number of new and emerging diseases leads researchers to try to continue to seek  cures. However, there are several diseases classified as the oldest in the world that until now have no cure. In fact, the cause of these diseases are still mysterious.

Ten diseases that are also considered to be deadly is still studied by scientists. Here are the names of the mysterious diseases, according to Methods Of Healing.

The disease was first recognized more than 25 years ago. Until now, scientists are still trying to find a cure. Currently, AIDS remains one of the most deadliest disease, especially in developing countries.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease
People suffering from this illness means a they are experiencing condition in which nerve cells in the brain dies, so the brain signals are difficult to transmit properly. The symptoms are difficult to detect. People who are suffering from this disease have problems with memory, assessment, and thinking. The exact cause of this disease is unknown and it can not be cured.

3. Bird flu
Humans have no immunity to this flu virus attacks. The peculiarity of this virus is that when once entered into the human body, the virus will mutate continuously. The most feared thing by scientists is that if this virus can spread from human to human.

The death rate among people infected with bird flu virus (H5N1) is 50%. So far the medical record, most infections occur through direct contact between humans and birds that carry the virus.

4. Pica
People diagnosed with Pica usually have the irresistible urge to eat something unusual, such as clay or paper glue, and even plastic. Although the disease is associated with mineral deficiency of the body, experts have not found the exact cause or cure for it.

5. Autoimmune Diseases
This is a generic term, which describes  terrible conditions. One of them is known as lupus, a disease that affects various organs of the body. So far, researchers have not been able to find the trigger of this disease. According to scientists, people who are vulnerable to be affected by this disease are women.

6. Schizophrenia
Experts consider it as one of the most puzzling mental disorder, because it negate the logic and the ability of patients to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

The symptoms vary, like delusions, hallucinations, incoherence of speech, lack of motivation or emotion. For example, people who suffer from this disease always feels threatened.

7. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
This disease interfere with the brain and is usually fatal. Symptoms such as disturbances in memory and behavior change. According to scientists, the disease  which is often called ‘mad cow’, is able to grow rapidly.

8. Flu
Every year in the United States, it is noted that there are billions of cases of flu. But doctors still do not have enough data about flu and its causes. Drugs most commonly recommended to patients is a hot soup.

9. Chronic fatigue syndrome
This disease has clinical manifestations that can not be explained. Patients suffering from this syndrome are always going to feel very tired. Finally, they are always in bed all the time.

10. Morgellons Disease
This mysterious disease develops most unusual symptoms that remind you of a horror movie. People affected will have a strange skin rash. The skin will change color to red, black or blue.

In addition, the patient will feel a terrible sensation. As if there are all kinds of creatures that moves under their skin.