105-year-old grandmother told her secret of longevity

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Pearl Cantrell bacon dietDoctors often say that processed meat is bad for health. However, a 105-year-old grandmother surprisingly revealed that the secret to her long life is to eat bacon every day. She believes this is the food that become the secret to a long life.

Pearl Cantrell, a grandmother from Richland Springs, Texas deeply loves bacon and advise people to eat them.

“I really like bacon. I could eat it with anything. I want everyone to eat bacon. I tell them,” Cantrell said, as reported by the Daily Mail (08/03).

Knowing the unique habit of the 105-year-old grandmother, the Oscar Mayer Company which is engaged in the fields of food and bacon gives Cantrell a special gift of a trip in a food van called ‘Wienermobile’. Not only that, they also provided free bacon for Cantrell.

“Cantrell has been an inspiration to the community, friends, and family so we had to do something special for him,” said Abraham Luna who worked for Oscar Mayer.

Unfortunately the diet and secrets provided by Cantrell is not approved by scientists. Research conducted last March showed that processed meats such as bacon can actually cause death associated with cancer and heart disease.

Researchers found that eating more than 20 grams of processed meat every day cause the death of 30 people.

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