11 Different Ways To Consume Capsicum


Different Ways To Consume Capsicum

Bell peppers or capsicum as we call this spice in India is a superfood. You rarely get a vegetable like capsicum that is so healthy and burns fats easily. However, if you keep eating it in the same way, you will get bored. That is why, Boldsky gives you many different ways to eat capsicum so that it remains healthy for you. 

Did you know that capsicum has almost no calories at all. So if you can learn how to eat capsicum for weight loss, then you will be greatly rewarded. Having capsicum in fat-free ways can actually help you lose some extra pounds. All you have to do in ensure that you eat bell peppers in ways that are not fattening.

The only problem with capsicum is that it is much more delicate in nature than other spices. Bell peppers are from the family of chilli peppers. However, their capsaicin content is not very high. The nutrition that you can have from the bell peppers can be easily ruined by overcooking. So it is of paramount importance that you follow these healthy ways to eat capsicum.

In Salads

Capsicum can be eaten raw and that is the healthiest way to eat capsicum. So have crunchy pieces of capsicum raw with green salads.

In Sandwich

If you are making a quick chicken or paneer sandwich, you can add some capsicum to it to make it mildly spicy. It helps you lose weight and here too, capsicum can used raw.

Grilled Capsicum

Large pieces of capsicum are the most obvious veggies that we add to sheeks or steaks along with chicken, paneer, tomatoes etc.


Pizza is not exactly the best food for weight loss. However, you can add chopped capsicum as pizza toppings. It helps you get some antioxidants from your pizza.

With Noodles

You can have freshly chopped capsicum doused with olive oil with boiled noodles. Along with sauces and the other spices, you will also get all the health benefits of capsicum.

Stewed Capsicum

Adding some shredded capsicum to your soups and stews gives them a zesty taste. It is also one of the best ways to have capsicum for weight loss.

In Pulao

Most Indian pulaos are an aromatic delight. But when you cook capsicum with rice, it gives the pulao a very delicate flavour. And as an added bonus, you get rice that is rich in antioxidants.

With Curries

Many Indian curries taste better with capsicum. For example, dishes like Kadai Paneer are incomplete without bell peppers. But never overcook capsicum because it loses all it nutrients.

Stuffed Capsicum

Capsicum or bell pepper has a very interesting shape that is perfect for stuffing. You can make healthy stuffings for the bell pepper and then bake it.

In Cold Slaws

If you grate the bell peppers, they can be perfect for your cold slaw. You can have freshly grated bell peppers with herbs and yogurt her a cold slaw that helps you digest your food.

Bell Pepper Pureed

In some recipes for soups or dips, you need to puree bell pepper into a thick paste. You need to cook the capsicum for minimum time on the flame when it is pureed because it requires very little cooking. (boldsky)