11 years of study states that cell phone does not cause cancer


cell phone does not cause cancerCell phone has always been associated with health problems that can be caused due to radiation. A study even says that cell phones increase the risk of blood cancer in children. However, a research conducted in a time period quite long enough, claims that cell phone is not associated with cancer.

11 years of research conducted by The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research in the UK revealed that they have not found any valid evidence regarding the adverse effects of mobile phones which can cause cancer, this is as reported by the Daily Mail.

“When  MTHR was formed, there was a lot of confusion on risks of cell phone to health. A program was created independently to explore the adverse effects of a cell phone on health,” said Professor David Cogoon of MTHR.

Cogoon further explained that they did not find strong evidence of the health risks associated with radio waves in the cell phones. Because of this research, Cogoon believe that people should not worry when they use their cell phones.

The results of this study is supported by a research in 2011 by College London and other research in 2012 that showed that cell phones do not cause cancer and does not increase a child’s risk of getting cancer tumor or neurological diseases.

Even so, this result still makes many people hesitate. This is because in 2011 the World Health Organization, WHO, warned the public to reduce the use of cell phones because it can lead to cancer. WHO recommends that people use hands free equipment so that they are not exposed to cell phone radiation.

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