12 Foods That Triggers Weight Gain


french fries weight gainA study on eating habits conducted by a team of researchers from Harvard University, USA, analyzed the diets of 120,877 people who are not obese.

The research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was conducted for over 20 years. Respondents’ weight were weighed every four years for 20 years and they are asked to complete questionnaires.

The result showed that on average, respondents experienced weight gain of 7.7 kilograms in 20 years. In four years, food choices contributed to weight gain of 1.8 kilograms, while exercise was only able to lose weight less than 0.9 kilograms.

“Diet and exercise are important in preventing weight gain. However, diet clearly gives a greater role,” said lead researcher Dr. Frank Hu. Well here are 12 foods that can trigger weight gain according to cbsnews.

1. Butter
Dairy products, such as butter and cheese has a long-term impact on weight gain. According to the research team from Harvard, someone who eats lots of butter experience weight gain of 0.30 pounds in every four years.

However, there are exceptions in one dairy product, which is yogurt. The results showed a person who regularly eat yogurt, has body weight that tends to be stable.

2. Fruit juice in packages
It sounds healthy and refreshing. However, fruit juice in packages have been mixed with lots of sugar. Drinking fruit juice in containers every day will make the body weight increase by 0.31 pounds every four years.

3. Fried foods
Fried food is one of the food which most triggers weight gain. Research shows that consumption of fried foods trigger an increase in weight of 0.36 pounds every four years.

4. Refined grain
Refined process will reduce the nutrients contained in wheat. This makes wheat or rice to be “bad carbs”. Eat them every day will lead to weight gain of 0.39 pounds every four years.

5. Sweets
Cakes, pies, and candies are always so tempting. Many consumption would trigger an increase in weight of 0.41 pounds every four years.

6. Potato
Regardless of how it is processed, either boiled, baked or fried, it triggers weight gain significantly, which is 0.57 pounds every four years.

7. Trans fats
Trans fats are found in many processed foods. Such as butter, chips, donuts, and pies. Often consuming it trigger weight gain of 0.65 pounds per year.

8. Processed Meat
Sausage, ham, corned beef or other processed meats are easy to prepare. But, do not eat them too often because it not only contains lots of preservatives, but also causes weight gain of 0.93 pounds per year.

9. Red meat
If you often eat red meat, the average weight will increase by 0.95 pounds per year.

10. Soft drinks
Soft drinks trigger more weight gain than fruit juice in packages. Consumption of soft drinks every day triggers weight gain of 1 pound every four years.

11. Potato chips
Its size may be thin, but this is what makes a person eat a lot. From a research it is noted that consuming them often lead to weight gain of 1.69 pounds every four years.

12. French fries
Are you a fan of french fries? Be careful, since according to a study, someone who frequently eat fries tends to increase by 3 pounds of weight in four years.