13 Reasons to love pomegranates

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Pomegranate, an exotic fruits that not only taste delicious, but also is full of nutrients and has healing properties. According to Care2, here are some health benefits of eating pomegranates and the reasons why you should love them.

Anti aging
Pomegranate contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals. So eating pomegranates regularly can slow aging.

Renal protection
A recent study reported in the Renal Failure journal proven that pomegranate extract to be effective for renal protection from damage and harmful toxins.

Liver protector
Besides good for the kidneys, pomegranates have also been proven to protect the liver. This was stated by researchers and reported in the Toxicology and Industrial Health journal.

Immune system enhancer
Both fruit and juice, pomegranate has vitamins and nutrients that can improve the body’s immune system. So eating pomegranate will make you not easily get sick.

There are polyphenol compounds in pomegranates that are efficacious biochemical processes associated with allergic symptoms.

Another reason why you should love pomegranate is due to efficacy in protecting the heart. Because pomegranate is able to increase the synthesis of cholesterol and destroy free radicals in the cardiovascular system.

Prevention of prostate cancer
A study from the University of California says that the fruit extract and pomegranate juice is powerful to kill prostate cancer cells. Researchers also reported the results of their study in the Translational Oncology journal.

Breast cancer prevention
Another study from the University of California also states that in pomegranate fruit contains a lot of nutrients called luteolin, ellagic acid, and punicic acid which is efficacious to fight against breast cancer.

Prevention of skin cancer
Consumption of pomegranate fruit is associated with a reduced risk of various types of skin cancer, according to researchers’ report in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Protect DNA
Again antioxidants in pomegranates have benefits that are good for the body, especially to protect DNA from damage. That is why you have to love the fruit.

Blood pressure control
A study in the Plant Foods for Human Nutrition journal says that pomegranate extract could prevent the increase in blood pressure because of a fatty meals.

Regulate the metabolic syndrome
Eating pomegranates can make your body properly regulate sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and other issues related to the metabolic syndrome. This was proven in the study in the Food and Function journal.

The last reason why you should love pomegranate fruit extract is that it increases the effectiveness of drugs that fight bad bacteria.

So, those are the health benefits of eating pomegranates and dozens of reasons why you should love them.

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