2 Glasses of Cranberry Juice Overcomes Bladder infection


cranberry juice cure bladder infectionIf the berry family is best known as a powerful antioxidant to avoid the risk of cancer and also improve brain memory, now it is turn to for cranberries to shine as an ingredient to cope with cystitis or bladder infection, commonly experienced by women.

This disorder is often characterized by frequent urination. If not addressed, these conditions are very likely to propagate on reproductive disorders and kidney.

A research team from the University of Stirling, collected evidence from 24 studies involving 4,473 people, before finally concluding that cranberry juice may help women who suffer from cystitis.

The patients were given different types of drugs, cranberry juice, and antibiotic tablets. The researchers said, to get the maximum benefit from cranberry, they should consume two cups per day.

According to the Daily Mail, previous studies have also found benefits of cranberry juice to fight off infection, because of high content of flavonoids. Flavonoids itself is sugars and pigments in cranberry. This substance will clear the bacteria from the body, especially in the bladder. Cranberry will absorb the temperature and turn it into energy to fight the bacteria.

Ruth Jepson, head of the research, said if other cranberry products, such as tablets and cranberry capsules can also overcome the disturbances of bladder infections. However, you also must be smart to choose a product that has the right dosing of cranberry active ingredient. As for the consumption of cranberry juice, it is suggested to take it without sugar.