2 Hours Lack of Sleep Removes Brain Memory


lack of sleep cause memory lossA new finding reveals the importance of a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours every day. Lack of sleep for ‘only’ two hours would affect memory and brain work.

Someone who sleeps only six hours will stop their brain to keep some memories of the day. Meaning, they will lose some memories forever.

This study was described in the conference of neuroscience community in Orleans. Researcher Professor Ted Abel said: “It is important to note that sleep is not a luxury in modern life,” he told the Daily Mail.

Abel stated, sleep is beneficial for the brain to consolidate events that happened throughout the day. In the study with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, he observed the memory of mice which experience lack of sleep. Researchers varying sleep duration of mice to determine how much of the ability to remember that is damaged.

“We found, although in a small amounts of sleep deprivation, memory storage of these animals will be lost. Lack of sleep will block 20 percent of memory consolidation,” he added.

This means in human terms, this happens to those that reduce sleep time from eight hours to six hours. Professor Abel added that replacing lack of sleep by sleeping longer the next day will not improve memory.

Neil Stanley, a sleep expert says, “The brain is too busy during the day. Sleep is a quiet time that gives the brain time to remember everything.”

Lack of sleep causes lack of memory consolidation. In the end, itĀ  makes people forget to perform simple tasks. “Often our wife felt her husband did not do their request although they had notified them. But, tje husband does not remember because the memory was not stored in the brain. This can lead to fights.”

This study states the importance of sleep to improve memory. Previous studies also mentions that lack of sleep could cause Alzheimer’s disease.