25 Percent of people experience trauma after heart attack


trauma after heart attackHaving a heart attack would be a scary thing for everyone. But few people are lucky and survived a heart attack that can be deadly. Even so, the struggle is not over. Research shows that 25 percent of people who have survived a heart attack tend to experience stress due to trauma.

A research conducted at Columbia University also found that the stress trauma of patients may even increase their risk of another heart attack twice as many times, as well as increase the risk of death within three years.

“PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is commonly experienced by people who survived a heart attack, and this may increase their risk of another heart attack in the future. Discovery is very important to know for the safety of the patients of heart disease,” said Donald Emondson , assistant professor of CUMC, as reported by the Daily Mail (20/05).

Perceived stress and trauma  comes from experience that is shocking and traumatic. Some of the symptoms include frequent nightmares, avoiding things that could remind them of heart attacks, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Stress and trauma can turn chronic if the patient has symptoms above for three consecutive months or more.

The result is expected to be a concern for heart disease patients, both of which do not have a heart attack or who have had a heart attack. They must be aware of the risks and possible trauma owned. This result is also important for health workers to start thinking about and prevent trauma in patients who survived a heart attack.