3 bad habits that makes fitness level decreases


joggingA healthy body can not be obtained just like that. You have to maintain fitness and health by doing healthy habits every day. Some habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol can damage the health of course.

But other than that there are some bad habits that are small, but can also affect your health. What are they? Here they are, as reported by the Huffington Post (20/07).

1. Only exercise when you want to
Exercise should be done regularly, not just when you want to. If exercise only when you want to do it, you definitely will often make excuses like tired, lazy, and having a lot of work. That way, you will reduce your fitness level and health. However, research shows that 90 percent of people who exercise regularly have lower levels of fatigue and are more focused. If you feel tired during the afternoon then you should exercise, try to do it in the morning.

2. It is not necessary to exercise on sunday
If you feel you have to work hard, keep your diet and exercise every day, chances are you think that a few days lazing definitely is not a problem. You are wrong if you think so. Although there are days when you do not exercise hard, you also can not really be passive and laze around all day. This will affect your fitness. Although not going to the gym or exercising, you can take advantage of a day to take a vacation or just go outside. The important thing is to keep moving and be active.

3. Have friends who do not like exercise
One of the reasons you can be lazy to exercise is your friend group. Usually the group behavior can indeed affect someone. but this is not the reason. You should be able to define what you need, do not have to always follow what is done by the group. You are responsible for maintaining your health and fitness. If necessary, be a pioneer, and invite your friends who are lazy to exercise.

Those are some small habits and ordinary reasons that could lower your fitness level. Although it seems trivial, but such practices can affect health if done too often.