3 Benefits of knowing your blood type


Benefits of knowing your blood groupBlood type is not only as a complement to your identity card. It can prevent health risks, helping people in emergencies and take important decisions. If you still do not know what blood type you are, you should immediately check to a lab. Consider the important benefits to know blood type according to magforwomen.

1. Facilitate blood transfusion
No one knows when disaster comes. For example, there is a severe accident or an illness, then you need a blood transfusion and have to immediately get help. Knowing your blood type for a start will facilitate you.

2. Avoid disease if there is a marriage
In addition to hemolysis, there are other genetic disorders that also threaten the mother and baby. Especially if the mother is rhesus negative while the husband is rhesus positive. This problem usually occurs in intermarriage. Knowing the blood type will reduce the risk of various diseases

3. Help monitor your diet
Ever heard of a diet based on blood type? If you know your blood type, it will help your diet program. Certain blood types are more prone to diabetes and heart disease. In fact, there is only one blood type that is compatible with vegetarian food. Some people need to limit their intake of carbohydrates due to the lack of suitable blood type.

See, it’s important to know your blood type. For those of you who do not know, immediately check.