3 Daily Foods That Could be Deadly


Death Cap MushroomsHumans need food intake to live. While some foods are very healthy, there are also some regular foods that we consume daily which can be life-threatening if we do not properly know the right information. According to Delish, the following three types of foods could be toxic and deadly.

1. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are a delicious menu to be used as a cooking ingredient. However, not all mushrooms are suitable for consumption.

Death Cap, Fool’s Mushroom, and Autumn Skllcap are 3 types of mushrooms that are poisonous. When we eat them, symptoms appear such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and extreme thirst.

A little dose of poison can be cured, but if we eat too much, it can cause permanent damage to liver, kidney, and heart muscle damage which will lead to death.

2. Nuts
This is the kind of food usually served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But nuts may cause very acute allergies in some people. The most severe reactions of nut allergy is anaphylaxis. This reaction causes a narrowing of the respiratory tract, shock, and loss of consciousness. If not addressed quickly and appropriately, this reaction could lead to death.

3. Meat and eggs which are not cooked
Meats – including red meat, poultry, and seafood-as well as raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria. These bacteria can cause gastroenteritis in humans. Salmonella bacteria poisoning are not life-threatening but can lead to serious complications. This threat occurs when bacteria enter the bloodstream because the body immunity becomes weakened.