3 Factors That Affects Adolescent Weight


Teens usually always concern their appearance. But there are not a few teenagers who are overweight due to their diet. Here is 3 factors that influence adolescent weight.

A study, conducted by researchers at Indiana University found that there are 3 things that can affect the weight of a teenager, namely the consumption of soda, playing games and watching television, and eating frequency.

If teens consume more soda and watch TV, they tend to be overweight. While the more often teens eat meals in small portions, the chance of being overweight will be smaller.

“School and family may be able to focus on risk factors that can be modified to reduce the burden of obesity,” said Dong-Chul Seo of the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, as quoted from Health24.

Seo said that the role of the school and the home environment can provide great opportunities for students to obtain a nutritious diet and physical activity, so that it controls their weight.

“Encouraging students to maintain regular diet at least 3 times a day would be a good strategy to help students achieve a healthy weight,” said Seo.

In this study, researchers from IU’s School of Public Health-Bloomington and the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community involved 5,309 students from 11 schools.

These findings confirm that high levels of soda consumption can exacerbate weight, therefor regulations that prohibit the sale of soda in jumbo size needs to be supported. Besides that, it is necessary to further improve physical activity programs for school students to be actively engaged, and also have a regular meal frequency like not missing breakfast in the morning.