3 interesting facts about E. coli bacteria


E.coli bacteriaThere are so many bacteria around you. Starting from the bad bacteria to good bacteria. The human body alone is capable of producing healthful bacteria that aids digestion. The bacteria is called E.coli bacteria.

As reported magforwomen, not all E. coli provide good benefits for digestive health. There are E.coli bacteria that produce toxins and gives a serious infection on human health.

In addition to these facts, here are other interesting facts about E. coli bacteria.

Humans are infected with E.coli through contaminated food or drink
Examples of some of the foods that is capable of transmitting the bacteria E.coli is raw milk, raw vegetables, raw meat, and cheese. Recently there is an outbreak called STEC 0157 that is  caused by E. coli bacteria.

E. coli is contagious
Humans can be infected with  E. coli when consuming food or drinks contaminated with these bacteria. Those who suffer from this disease can also spread the E.coli bacteria.

E. coli can cause severe disease
The incubation period of the bacteria is approximately 3-4 days. Symptoms of illness caused by E. coli bacteria are mild diarrhea, fever, and is also capable of causing kidney problems and bleeding if it does not get serious treatment.

Until now the disease caused by E. coli is still easily found. One simple way for you to avoid this disease is to always maintain the cleanliness of food you consume.

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