3 Night Rituals for Body Slimming


drink milk at nightIf you feel that ritual before bed is the cause of your weight gain, then it is mandatory to change the habit. Stop the consumption of snacks, junk food, alcohol, and all sweets. According to a study, these evening routines can damage your body.

You might be successful to hold your appetite in the morning and afternoon. But the temptation of hunger at night is difficult to avoid. This damages your diet program. Occasionally this may still be “forgiven”, but if this practice continues, the results can be seen in weight gain. Perform the following three tips before you sleep, to get the ideal body shape.

Milk or Tea Consumption
Avoid all forms of alcohol, especially at night. Effects of alcohol can disrupt sleep quality, but it also adds extra calories to the body. We recommend the consumption of warm milk and sprinkle it with a little cinnamon. Or choose a cup of herbal tea. Do not forget to perform a little stretching exercises and mild breathing exercise.

Plan your mourning
Provide five minutes to make your morning agenda. Including breakfast place and menu to avoid the temptations that may occur. Or prepare what you need to take to work the next day.

Food journal
It may be good for you  to have a private eating journal. This is very useful as the best weight loss control. Before bed, write back your food choices during the day. It can make you more aware and conscientious about food choices. The journal can also be a reminder and motivation to continue to maintain healthy food choices.