3 Reasons to stay away from vegetable oil

3 Reasons to stay away from vegetable oil

You are not able to reduce the use of oil in your everyday cooking. However, you can replace it with healthier oils. One type of oil is the most widely recommended vegetable oil or vegetable oil. Many health experts believe that the vegetable oil helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, lose weight, and improve overall body health because their unsaturated fat content.

But is it true that vegetable oil is quite healthy for your body? Here is the truth of the healthy content of vegetable oils as reported from healthmeup.com.

Contain trans fats
Not many people know that vegetable oils contain trans fats in it. Fat is responsible for the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Lead to inflammation and heart disease
Research shows that even vegetable oil can lower cholesterol, but these oils contain polyunsaturated fats that can increase the risk of heart disease. Especially vegetable oils containing omega-6 fatty acids can be oxidized in your body and cause inflammation and cell mutation. At the end of this inflammation is able to block the health of the heart arteries.

Contains chemicals
Unlike butter or coconut oil, vegetable oil extraction process must be made through a chemical process that is more complex. So of course this oil contains chemicals that are higher. Most of the vegetable oils containing BHA or BHT are not quick to prevent rot. Research shows that consuming too much can cause liver damage, infertility, and decreased immune system.

It turns vegetable oil or vegetable oil is not as healthy as you think. Therefore you can use other types of oils that are healthier alternatives such as coconut oil, oil, olive, palm or coconut oil.

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