3 Tricks to Grow Hair Faster


long and beautiful hairDo you want to grow your hair long? What is needed is to maximize its growth, because the hair on the head basically grew about 1-3 inches each month.

To maximize hair growth, regularly consume foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B and biotin which are found in bananas, nuts, eggs and grains.

However, besides treatment from the inside by eating foods rich in nutrients, also do treatments from the outside. Here are three ways of hair treatment from the outside, so that your hair grows faster.

1. Massage the Scalp
Do not just clean your hair with water. Your scalp needs to be cleaned intensively by hand. “New hair will have difficulty  in growing if they have to go through layers of dirt, oil and dead skin cells,” said Kingsley, a hairdresser, according to Shine.

He also suggested to gently massage the scalp when using shampoo. Do massage with your finger at least two minutes during shampooing. This will not only remove impurities that inhibit hair growth but also gives a good blood circulation in the scalp. Blood circulation will stimulate faster hair growth.

2. Treat your hair with quality care products
To stimulate hair growth, select shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizers like avocado oil. Sunscreen will make hair not dry and keep it from loss and fracture.

3. Minimize exposure to heat
Heat from styling tools and friction from the comb can damage the hair cuticle. It makes hair brittle. Use a comb with wide teeth when styling your hair. If you really want your hair done with a tool vise, always use hair cream protective  from heat.