3 Ways to tame allergies in the rainy season

3 Ways to tame allergies in the rainy season

The rainy season is a time when the humidity level increases. So this makes the rainy season the ideal time for germs, bacteria, and viruses to evolve freely. The result is that not infrequently diseases began to arrive. For those of you who previously have had an allergy, then this could aggravate it.

According to boldsky.com, the following steps are the easiest ways to tame allergies in the rainy season.

Cleaning the house
Although it looks comfortable, the house you live in can be a nest of harmful germs. Germs can hide anywhere, including in carpets, curtains, and even pillows and blankets that you use. Therefore clean your home regularly every day. This activity can also be a physical activity for the sake of burning calories.

Eating healthy foods
Healthy food is the key to maintaining good health. In the middle of the rainy season,better consume foods that contain antioxidants and able to boost the immune system to counter the growth of viral diseases.

Lose weight
Obesity is becoming one of the main causes of disease and is able to aggravate your allergies. If you feel that you have excess weight, you should immediately think of dieting.

If you have allergies, especially that is associated with cold, you should always make sure to maintain you body condition. You are not able to resist the arrival of the rainy season, therefore try to implement a healthy lifestyle at the top.

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