4 basic rules of nutrition that should be known!

4 basic rules of nutrition that should be known!

Talking about nutrition, often many people provide various types of advices. So, which one should be followed? Pay attention to the advice given by people who live it well. If they have good health, diet and lifestyle are good, they certainly have an important suggestion to consider.

However, in fact there are some basic rules of nutrition that should be known and can be applied by everyone. Here are some of the rules:

1. Leave the high fructose corn syrup
High fructose corn syrup is one of the sugar substitute used in many foods. High fructose corn syrup and sugar together can lead to obesity because they could stimulate parts of the brain that lead to addiction. Research in 1970 revealed that sweeteners with high-fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar and is widely used. But a2010 study also revealed that these foods can increase the risk of obesity by 300 percent.

2. Meet the needs of fiber
Meeting the needs of fiber is essential for maintaining a healthy body. There are also types of fiber that the body needs the soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber helps digestive system, colon cleansing, as well as keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels remain stable. fibers can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or grains.

3.  Consuming foods with various colors
Eat vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors to meet the vitamins, fiber, and minerals in the body. Colorful food will help the body function properly, fight disease, help cells grow, lowering cholesterol, and maintain a healthy heart and brain.

4 Consumption of healthy fats
Not all fats should be avoided. You also need healthy fats for energy intake for the body and brain. Eating healthy fats will not make you fat. You can get healthy fats by eating avocados, salmon, peanuts, eggs, olive oil, and others.

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