4 crazy ways to lose weight


crazy ways to lose weightLosing weight can be a very difficult thing for some people. This can make them do things that are sometimes extreme only to successfully lose weight.

Here are some crazy diet that humans had attempted, as reported by How Life Works (19/03).

1. Tapeworm Diet
Tapeworms are parasites that live in the human stomach. This parasite usually eat foods that are eaten by humans and suck their nutrients. Some people consume tapeworm eggs in order to breed the tapeworms in their bodies. This is done so that the tapeworm take fat they consume and the calories they eat. Of course this is very unhealthy, because in addition to consuming calories, tapeworms will also suck up the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. In the end someone who has a tapeworm in their body will suffer serious malnutrition.

2. Cotton ball Diet
Some people actually believe that swallowing cotton balls before eating will help them feel full faster and make them not easily hungry. It makes no sense whatsoever. The body needs food to absorb vitamins and nutrients. In any case one must eat enough to maintain their health. We can’t imagine how cotton ball will be processed and eventually excreted through feces. Besides disgusting, the method will not work.

3. Diuretics Diet
Diuretics diet is believed to be able to lose weight quickly by removing the fluids in the body drastically. But instead of making the body lean, this method could be hazardous. Many do not know that when the body needs fluids, while existing liquid has been removed, the body will absorb from other places such as the bone which consists of 70 percent water. If this happens, your body will slow down your metabolism and further accelerate weight gain.

4. Tongue patch surgery
This method is quite extreme and expensive. With several thousand dollars someone could ask doctors to provide patches on their tongue. This is done so that a person find it difficult to feel, chew, or swallow food. This ultimately makes a person does not eat a lot and eat only liquid diet. In addition to pain, this method can not be done forever. Possible way it will only work as long as the patch is still there.

The methods above are included as crazy things you should never do. It is better to lose weight in a safe and proven way. No need to look for an instant method that could ultimately endanger yourself.

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