4 easy steps to lose weight


easy steps to lose weightLosing weight has been a goal for many people. In addition to health reasons, many want to lose weight because of appearance. The question is, how do you lose weight easily?

Experts from Harvard Medical School, as reported by the Third Age (30/07) provides some guidelines for those who want to lose weight easily. However, this is not an instant method. You have to keep trying and be patient.

1. Start by lowering weight a little
Do not immediately take extremes  action to lose weight in an instant and massive way. Initially, you should try to reduce 5-10 percent of body weight. Give yourself time and do not be too strict. Usually people take six months to get this.

2. Create a specific target
Set small and specific goals. Eg “I will reduce dinners and do more sports,” more specific the better because you can imagine how to apply it in daily activities. The example below can be your inspiration:
– I’m going to cook a healthy menu for dinner.
– I will bring a healthy lunch from home to the office at least three times a week, and others.

3. Improve the quality of breakfast
Choose your breakfast menu wisely. It is important to reduce the tendency to eat more fat in the afternoon and evening. Choose a breakfast that contains fiber and low in sugar. Avoid breakfast high in fat and cholesterol.

4. Eat more slowly
Try to eat more slowly. At least you should spend about 20 minutes for each meal. But if this is not possible, especially during lunch at work, choose one meal time to start, eg dinner. Then familiarize yourself to eat more slowly. If necessary, prepare a clock to measure the time you eat.

Those are some easy ways to lose weight. Choose a simple and suitable way for you, then make it a habit. The above steps may not be able to make you lose weight instantly, but the above is easier to do than an extreme diet.