4 Foods that can be eaten with its skin



Some foods can be enjoyed only the meat alone. While the seeds and skins are usually discarded. But some foods as quoted from Care2 can be eaten with the skin. Listen more.

When enjoying almonds, you should not throw away the skin. Because almond skin stimulate the performance of bacteria in the gut that aid digestion. Research even says that almond skins contain flavonoids and vitamin E which plays a role in lowering cholesterol in the body.

Although not directly shared with the skin, but the ‘clothes’ of ??citrus fruit can be shredded and mixed into desserts. Orange peel will add a flavor. In addition, the skin of citrus fruit also contains four times more fiber than meat. Research has proved that orange peel has natural compounds that fight cancer.

Another fruit that can be eaten with the skin is an apple. Because many studies claim that apple skin is potent in lowering cholesterol, blood fat, lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and obesity. Apple peels also strengthen muscles and help the weight loss process.

The food is quite surprising, because not many people know that onions can be eaten with the skin. Studies have proved that onion skins contain flavonoids, anti-inflammatory, and high antioxidant. So when using the onions to cook, do not waste the skin.

Those are some foods that can be eaten with the skin.