4 Healthier alternative for energy drinks


Healthier alternative than energy drinksMost of you reading this article have certainly consumed an energy drink. Some of you may even have a habit of consuming energy drinks in order to get more stamina.

Energy drinks are usually consumed after exercise. Some people also consume energy drinks before they do their busy activity because they believe that it will provide extra stamina to help them stay fit as they do their daily activities.

But they should know the fact that energy drinks have negative impact on human health. There are many studies that mentions about the bad effects of energy drinks on health.

Here are some examples of the bad effects of energy drink for human health, as reported by Livescience:

1. Heart problems
The content of caffeine and other compounds that is contained in energy drinks are able to increase heart rate and blood pressure. This is according to Dr. John Higgins, associate professor of medicine at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

Caffeine can make the heart cells release calcium, which could have an effect on heartbeat, which then leads to arrhythmia. Energy drinks could also disrupt the normal balance of salts in the body,  which has also been linked to arrhythmia.

But, not enough evidence is found to say that energy drinks cause heart problems. Scientists need to do more research on this matter to determine how much energy drink consumption could cause these bad effects.

2. The risk of miscarriage
There have been many studies on the effects of caffeine on miscarriage. One study in 2006 was done on more than 1,000 pregnant women. The study found that pregnant women who consumed more than 200 mg of caffeine per day, had twice the risk to have a miscarriage when compared with pregnant women who did not consume caffeine. In the other hand, another study in 2008 found no link between caffeine consumption (regardless of the amount)  and the risk of miscarriage at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

We can see here that the results of research done have not been conclusive, therefor the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises pregnant women to limit the consumption of caffeine to 200 mg per day.

3. An increased risk of alcohol injury and dependence
Some people like to combine alcohol and energy drink. But these people should know that combining the two drinks can be dangerous.

Although caffeine is a stimulant, scientists say that it does not “counteract” the sedating effects of alcohol. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks could keep people awake for a longer period of time, which will only allow them to consume more alcohol than they usually do.

4. Risk of drug abuse
A research done on 1,060 students discovered that the consumption of energy drink in the second year of college was associated with an increased risk of prescription drug abuse (use of stimulants or prescription painkillers without a prescription) in the third year of college.

One explanation for the link “is that energy drinks, like prescription drugs … might be regarded by some students as safer, more normative, or more socially acceptable than using illicit ‘street’ drugs,” the researchers wrote in a 2010 issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

5. Impaired cognition
Although some students rely on energy drinks to pull all-nighters to study for exams, there’s some evidence that the excessive levels of caffeine in the drinks impair cognition. A small 2010 study found that drinking moderate amounts of caffeine, about 40 mg, improved performance on a test of reaction time, but drinking higher amounts — equivalent to the levels found in a (250 ml) can of Red Bull, or 80 mg — worsened performance on the reaction test.

From the explanation above, you can see how energy drinks could give bad effects for your health. Therefor you should consider some alternatives to energy drinks that are much more healthier. Here are some healthy alternative for energy drink as reported by GalTime.

We all know that energy drinks contain caffeine, and because of that the body is threatened with dehydration when drinking it. So if you do not want to become dehydrated it is better to consume water which has no calories and are healthy for the body.

Green tea
Green tea also contain caffeine, although the amount is not too much. But in the other hand, green tea is well known to provide good effects for human health. This drink also has antioxidants that is a compound that helps ward off cancer and heart disease. So from the explanation here, it is clear that green tea is a way more healthier alternative for energy drinks.

Milk chocolate
You may have heard the chocolate milk health benefits, one of which is to restore energy after exercise. Well, a quick way to restore energy without damaging the body is by drinking chocolate milk. Because in it there are carbohydrates and protein that provide energy.

Cherry juice
Many people indeed likes cherry, well cherry is a natural source of vitamins and minerals that of course is good for you body. Feel free to enjoy it in the form of juice after exercise as a healthier substitute for consumption rather than consuming energy drinks.

Those are some healthier alternatives for energy drinks. From now on, change your habit of consuming energy drinks with healthier alternatives.