4 lifestyle that can kill you slowly


4 lifestyle that can kill you slowly

Lifestyle that you live currently determines the quality of life and health of your body. If you live a healthy lifestyle, then your health will be maintained until old age. But if you have an unhealthy lifestyle and you do not immediately change, it is not impossible if diseases can come suddenly.

Here are some lifestyles that are harmful to the health of the body which unfortunately is often not realized by people:

1. Cell phones and pillows
According to a medical study, it is noted that 8 of 10 people sleep by putting the phone on the side or under the pillow. They are not aware that this could harm their health. One example is the beam ‘blue light’ from the phone screen. These rays can damage the eyes and brain health. Research has shown that blue light will suppress the secretion of the hormone melatonin at night and can disrupt your sleep quality.

To avoid this, do not ever put your cell phone under your pillow when sleeping. Put them at least 20cm from your pillow to reduce radiation by 98%. But actually turning the phone off is the best option.

2. Monthly cycle
Most women tend to ignore the irregularities that occur in their monthly cycle. Such irregularities include irregular cycles, excessive pain, and a series of other symptoms. In fact it could be the beginning of the symptoms of myoma, tumor, and even cancer.

“Always write your monthly cycle. So you can monitor whether you have a regular monthly schedule or not. And when you find there is something wrong, immediately visit a gynecologist to get medical treatment,” wrote the study.

3. Sitting too long
Without realizing, sitting too long can invite the emergence of various chronic diseases. One of them is back pain. In fact, about 7 out of 10 people have to visit the physiotherapy clinic  to treat their spinal disorders caused by sitting too long.

In addition to damaging the body shape, sitting too long is able to lead to obesity and early chronic illness. Therefore, if your job requires you to sit for too long, always take time for physical activity such as walking to maintain the health of your body.

4. Skin Health
Most of you may feel that applying sunscreen does not really matter. Too much exposure of sun rays on the skin is able to cause the rise of skin cancer. Therefore, whenever you will do outdoor activities, always apply sunscreen on skin, especially in direct sunlight. Choose a sunscreen that suits your outdoor activities.

Changing lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to maintain health. Therefore, once you realize that your lifestyle is not right, immediately change it today.