4 Natural Treatments for Tonsillitis



The tonsils are one organ that is located in the back of your mouth . This organ functions to fight infection in your body due to the presence of cells in the tonsils.

However, there will be times when the tonsils become infected and cause problems for the body. When infected, the tonsils will swell and white layer along the surface of your throat will appear.

If this happens to your body, try to treat it with the following simple manner.

1.Lime juice
Lime juice is a liquid that is effective to cure tonsillitis. Mix warm water , lemon juice, salt, and honey. After that drinking it slowly.

The lemon juice will reduce the pain of tonsillitis slowly.

2.Turmeric acid
In addition to lime juice , tonsillitis can also be cured with turmeric, tamarind water. Thenatural ingredients of turmeric has anti- bacterial properties, so that drink it is effective for killing bacteria that cause infections .

Ideally this drink should be consumed on a regular basis at least 3 days.

3. Vegetable juice
Juice made ??from vegetables is also considered to be good to heal your tonsils. You can make juice that is made ??from a mixture of carrot, beet , and cucumber. This composition is useful for boosting the immune system to be able to fight infection.

4. Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is also a type of tea that is good to fight sore throat.

Mix chamomile tea with honey and lemon. Not only is it beneficial to cure tonsillitis, chamomile tea is also able to reduce pain and sore throat.

Are you currently experiencing tonsillitis? The above tips can cure your illness in a safe manner.