4 Nutrition Which Improves Male Hormones


broccoli for male hormonesTestosterone is one of the important hormones in the human body, especially for men. These hormones tended to decrease with age. Fortunately, this can be avoided, because hormone levels are influenced largely by food.

Testosterone or often called as male hormone is one of the main hormone responsible for muscle growth, libido (sexual health and mood), and for the organ as a whole and bone health.

There are several type of foods that can increase testosterone levels, but some of these foods may be avoided by some people in certain conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Well, here are four types of nutrients that can increase testosterone levels according to Livestrong,

1. Coconut oil
Coconut oil consists of Medium Chain triglycerides or MCT . This mechanism allows the body to absorb coconut oil in order to prevent the storage as fat, it even encourages the removal of fat in the body.

This is because the ability of MCT to bypass the lymphatic system when ingested unlike other fat and allows rapid absorption by the liver.

This allows direct oxidation and rapidly converted to energy, similar to the effects of simple carbohydrates. Increase in fuel and energy can extend endurance and improve testosterone overall.

2. Garlic
All the hormones in the body directly regulate each other. Therefore, the decrease in testosterone is often a response of the shift of other hormones. One of the hormones responsible for the level of testosterone in the body is cortisol. Garlic has been proven to regulate cortisol levels and thereby also increases testosterone levels.

3. Broccoli
Another hormone which is more clear associated with testosterone is estrogen. High levels of estrogen can decrease testosterone in the body.

Broccoli contains high levels of indole, which is a phytochemical that helps the body to convert estrogen into another form, so it increases testosterone.

In addition, broccoli contain chromium which can regulate blood glucose, a calcium which regulates hormones to prevent further fat storage.

4. Red meat
Red meat such as beef and lamb has been proven to increase testosterone levels. Zinc deficiency is a major reason for low testosterone, so the high concentration of zinc found in red meat is very useful.

According to a research from Harvard Medical School, zinc supplements could increase free testosterone levels between 8 to 14 percent. This is because zinc can play an important role in modulating testosterone serum in normal men.

In addition, saturated fat and cholesterol found in red meat can be quickly converted into testosterone in the body. Eggs can have the same role, as well as by increasing the body’s cholesterol levels.