4 Reasons why running can relieve stress


running can relieve stressRunning can relieve stress. Well, no one can avoid stress. All people must have felt stress and depression in their lives. But that does not mean stress can not be cured. One way to cure stress is by running. Running not only relieve stress, but also make the body fit.

Here are some reasons why running can reduce stress levels and make you more excited, as reported by Health Me Up.

1 . Improve mood
Running can reduce the symptoms of stress and depression, and improve your overall mood. Additionally, running can also improve the quality of sleep that is disrupted by stress.

2 . Increase the production of endorphins
Running will increase the production of endorphins, which are hormones that can make you feel happier. To that end, running when you ‘re having a bad day will help reduce stress levels and make you more calm. In many studies it was also demonstrated that most people who have the habit of running had a more stress-free life compared with those who never ran.

3 . Giving time to think
Running will give you time to think. You can run, think about problems that weigh on your mind and find a solution. Because running can also increase energy, you will feel more energized and more excited to cope with situations and problems that are being faced.

4 . Beneficial to health
Running is not only beneficial for the mind but also improve mental fitness and health of your body. Running is also known to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, and many more. In addition, running also improves the immune system.

That is the reason why running can keep away you from feeling stress and make you more vibrant. Why wait? Start running as soon as possible and make it a habit if you want to avoid stress!

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