4 Simple Ways to Avoid Skin Aging


avoid skin aging

When our skin get older, it will get thinner and wrinkle. Productivity of the oil glands in the skin layer decreases, so the skin gets dry. The number of blood vessels in the skin also decreases, so the skin is much weaker. The youthful glow has faded.

Appropriate treatment will inhibit the aging process. Here is a simple habit that can help keep skin healthy and shiny.

1. Protect skin from sunlight
The sun’s rays damage the skin and cause wrinkles, dryness, rough skin, black spots, and can trigger cancer. For that you should:
– Avoid the sun between 10 am until 4 pm.
– Wear protective clothing. Choose long sleeves, long pants, and hat.
– Use sunscreen 20 minutes before outside activity. Put more on every two hours after severe sweating or swimming.

2. Do not smoke
Cigarettes accelerate the aging process of skin and cause wrinkles. Change can be seen clearly in young adults who smoked at least for 10 years.

Cigarettes are also narrow the blood vessels in the outermost layer of skin, so skin has lack of nutrients and oxygen. This will reduce skin elasticity and strength.

3. Wash gently
– Use warm water, not too hot. Hot water removes the skin’s natural oils. Limit the hot water bath of less than 15 minutes.
– Avoid soaps that are too hard. This will also clear oil in the skin.
– Avoid cosmetic allergens, especially if your skin is sensitive.

4. Give moisturizer
The need for moisturizer depends on many factors, such as age and skin type. The best way to assess that need, wait 20 minutes after bathing. If the skin feels tight, the sign you need a moisturizer.