4 surprising facts about aspartame artificial sweetener



Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that has now been widely used in processed foods and packaging. Consuming too much sugar is known to be not healthy, so artificial sweeteners are considered to be a healthier alternative.

Aspartame in chewing gum itself was introduced in 1981. Till today aspartame are well received by the public, after another artificial sweetener, saccharin is considered as a carcinogen that can cause cancer. However, is this artificial sweetener really safe? Here are some surprising facts about aspartame that you should know, as reported by the Daily Health Post (08/07).

1. Aspartame can cause brain damage
Aspartate (and glutamate) is an artificial sweetener and flavor substances commonly used in food processing or packaging, these substances are known to damage nerves in the brain. Studies in mice revealed that mice given this substance suffered damage to their brain cells.

2. Aspartame causes of obesity
Although most people avoid the use of real sugar to avoid calories and use artificial sweeteners in order to stay slim, the fact is that aspartame can actually lead to obesity and metabolic problems. Aspartame is claimed to have zero calories can help stay slim. The problem is that aspartame is not a natural substance so that the body does not process them effectively and actually store it in the form of fat. In addition, a synthetic substance called phenylalanine in aspartame is also known to cause addiction.

3. Aspartame produces toxins
Because aspartame is not a natural substance, the body digest these substances in the best way possible. Aspartame is broken down into three chemicals, namely aspartic acid, methanol, and phenylalanine. The substance is known to be toxic and if joined together would be more harmful to the body.

4. Aspartame is made from residual bacteria
E. coli bacteria that can be harmful to humans turned out to be used to produce aspartame. Made by Monsanto, E. coli bacteria will be modified to make a component of aspartame. The rest of the production process is combined with methanol in the form of finished products.

Those are the surprising facts about aspartame. do not think that aspartame is safe to use simply because it contains zero calories. Aspartame is an artificial and unnatural substances, which can cause damage to the body.

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