4 Ways to detect cataract early


Cataract is basically a serious eye condition that can obstruct view and eventually cause blindness. One way to cure it is with surgery. Therefore, better detect cataracts before completely exposed. Cataracts usually occur due to aging of the eye lens. Here are some factors that can help you detect cataracts early, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Blurred vision
There are two important reasons that marks blurred vision. One is your glasses needs to be improved or the formation of cataracts in your eyes. These are the two major causes of blurred vision.

2. Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you should do a cataract check every 3 months. This is because blood sugar levels can affect the formation of cataracts in the eyes.

3. Age
Most people develop cataracts because of the age issue. Actually this is one of the most common eye problems in many seniors. The age group of 60’s and above are included in the high-risk category of cataracts.

4. Descent
Your family has a history of bad eye health? If members of your family was affected by cataracts, you should be more careful because of the risk of suffering from the same problem. Inform your doctor about your family health history.

For those of you who suffer from cataracts, do not worry about cataract surgery because it takes only a few minutes. However, before it is completely exposed, you can prevent it by early detection.