4 yoga positions to help lose weight


After giving birth, it is normal for women to have excess fat in the stomach. But do not worry, because there are four yoga positions you can do to lose weight, as reported by Boldsky below.

Tiger pose
This yoga position isappropriate to be done by women who have recently given birth. The trick is to put all hands and feet on the floor as in a state of crawling. Then fold one leg like a crouching tiger. After that, straighten one leg and fold again in a the count of 10 and do the same on the other leg. The tiger pose will help reshape a woman’s lower body.

Cobra pose
Lower back pain after childbirth can be overcome by yoga cobra pose position. First, try to face down on the floor. Then lift your upper body and hold it with your hands on the floor while breathing deeply. This position can be held within a certain set while breathing.

Triangle pose
The third  position of yoga to lose weight after giving birth is the triangle pose. This position begins by standing with your feet as wide apart as possible. After that, bend your body to the left until the left hand touching the floor and your right hand straight up. Repeat these positions in turn in the other direction in a certain count.

Son of brahma pose
Lastly, there is the position Son of brahma pose yoga that can be done if a woman feels pain in the abdominal muscles. The trick is to try to sit with both legs stretched out in front. Then bend your right leg and use your right hand to hold the body on the floor. After that, pull the left hand and turn the body until the position of your left elbow holds the right knee.

Those are some yoga positions that can be tested after childbirth to lose weight. Good luck!