5 causes of throat cancer

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Throat cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that appears in the throat. Throat (pharynx) is a five-inch hose that extends from the nose to the neck. Throat cancer usually appears on the vocal cords.

Dr Anil Heroor, an oncologist from Fortis Hospital, Mulund outlines some of the things that cause throat cancer, as reported by Health Me Up, below.

1. Tobacco products
Throat cancer is closely linked to smoking, like head and neck cancer which are suffered more by smokers compared to nonsmokers. The use of an unfiltered cigarette is also suspected to increase the risk of throat cancer.

All things related to smoking and tobacco are known to be associated with throat cancer, for example cigarette, cigarette pipes, cigars, and more. Not only the throat, smoking also causes cancer in other parts such as the lungs and bladder. Tobacco that are not used as a cigarette, but chewed, can also cause cancer of the cheek, gums, and lips.

2. Industrial materials
A study showed that asbestos or synthetic fibers that are used in many industries can cause throat cancer and the appearance of cancer cells in the larynx.

3. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Infections caused by HPV virus, the cause of sexually transmitted disease, is also able to increase the risk of throat cancer. Cancer caused by HPV virus usually appears around the tonsils or in the back of the tongue.

4. Chronic gastric reflux
Gastric reflux caused by acid leaks from the stomach into the esophagus. If it reaches the chronic stage, the gastric reflux or GERD can increase the risk of throat cancer.

5. Consumption of alcohol
Nearly a third of throat cancer patients have a habit of drinking alcohol. The risk of throat cancer increases with excessive alcohol use. According to experts, alcohol aggravate the throat tissues, as well as smoking. This then leads to a greater risk of cancer.

In addition to some of the causes above, the risk of throat cancer are also higher in passive smokers, people who are too often exposed to chemical exposure, and those with poor oral hygiene.

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