5 common mistakes made at breakfast!

5 common mistakes made at breakfast!

Breakfast is known to be the main meal. This is true. During sleep, you do not eat anything while the body, especially the brain still works and does not go to sleep. Therefore, in the morning your body needs energy through the food consumed.

Even so, do not carelessly eat anything at breakfast. You should consume foods rich in protein and healthy. Here are some common mistakes people make at breakfast, as reported by Mag for Women.

1. Skipping breakfast
Skipping breakfast is the first mistake that many people make and should be avoided. The body needs energy in the morning and this must be obtained through breakfast. If you do not have much time in the morning, prepare breakfast the night before.

2. Eating too much
Skipping breakfast is wrong, but in the other hand eating too much at breakfast is also not good. Eating healthy foods is more important than eating a lot. Because eating too much at breakfast will make you quickly become sleepy and uninspired.

3. Breakfast menu
Eating the same food every day is easy and convenient for you, but you should not eat the same food every morning, like cereal or others. You will lack nutrients. Try to do a variation with your breakfast menu. Make sure also to consume nutritious foods.

4. Hurry
Rushing at breakfast will make you choke. In addition, eating food with juice or water will only slow down the digestive process. Do not rush at breakfast. Consume and chew food slowly.

5. Eating on the way
Many people get up late and eventually buy their food on the way to work. Besides this can distract your driving if you eat while driving, other than that, you also lose energy when eating while walking or doing other activities.

Those are some of the mistakes that many people make at breakfast. You should avoid them now!

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