5 cups of tea a day keeps men away from prostate cancer


green teaTea has many health benefits, one of which is even to prevent cancer. Drinking five or more cups of tea per day is known able to reduce the risk of a man to suffer from malignant prostate cancer, according to a new research.

Tea had always been known to have many health benefits for the human body. According to the huffingtonpost, there are six amazing benefits of drinking tea. It is known that tea can help you maintain a healthy weight, which is obviously a great news for those of you who do not want to get fat. 

A study conducted in 2010 found that components in green tea provides positive effects on the tissues of the eyes, especially the eye tissue related to the retina. This mean consumption of green tea may help you see better.

Another great benefits of drinking tea is that it can help you look younger. A study conducted by experts stated that extracts in white tea are able to inhibit wrinkle production by strengthening elastin and collagen, these are two important factors to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Besides that, another study conducted in 2011 confirmed that white tea can keep your joints younger.

It is also known that black tea can help to reduce stress levels. A research found that black tea are able to help people to reduce stress hormones. While another study conducted in 2010 said that caffeine in tea may help reduce the overall risk of diabetes.

From the benefits above, we can see how important it is to consume tea daily. Well, as mentioned before tea also could provide a great benefit for men who suffer from prostate cancer.

From a study, it was mentioned that men who drinks five cups of tea a day has a 33 percent lower risk for stage IV prostate cancer. Drinking five cups of tea every day can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer stage II up to 25 percent, this is when compared with men who drinks only one cup per day.

Stage II prostate cancer occurs when a tumor is growing in the prostate gland, but does not spread. In stage IV, the cancer has spread to other areas such as the spleen, bone, and liver, as reported by the Daily Mail (27/07).

Chemicals called flavonoids in tea are believed to prevent cancer cells to form tumors. The good news, tea benefits will not be reduced even if you add sugar, milk, sweeteners, or lemon into it.

This result is known by researchers in the Netherlands after analyzing data from 58,279 men and found 3,362 cases of prostate cancer, including 1,164 advanced cancer. Researchers compared data from participants as well as their levels of prostate cancer naturally.