5 Diseases that come from pets


Diseases that come from petsPets are cute. But if it is not careful about hygiene and health, there are many diseases that can be transmitted by pets. What are they? Check out more as reported by the Health Me Up below.

Pet feces can transmit hookworm disease. This happens when people walk barefoot in the park or garden frequented by pets. Own a puppy or kitten get hookworm from its mother’s milk.

Puppy or cat roundworm infection from their mothers while still in the womb. While transmission to humans is almost the same as hookworm, which was accidentally ingest soil that has been contaminated with roundworm eggs.

It is the most common disease suffered by cats and humans, especially pregnant women. So pregnant women is not recommended to clean the cat litter. Raw foods also should not be given to cats to prevent the infection.

Lyme disease
The disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdoferi and spread by fleas. Fleas are blood-sucking even not only humans, but also mice, deer, until the pet. Lyme disease infection can lead to decreased immune system to kidney disorders.

Other diseases that come from pets is scabies transmitted through equipment or enclosure used. Scabies making love pets scratching and biting his skin. If transmitted to humans, scabies can live more than three weeks and spread to other parts.

To minimize infection of these diseases, should be diligent to clean the pets, cages, and feeding equipment. Do not forget to wash your hands after doing everything. In addition, pets also need to be vaccinated and make a visit to the vet on a regular basis.