5 easy ways to be more energetic in the morning


wake up earlyWaking up in the morning can be a difficult thing for many people, especially for those who are accustomed to working overtime or staying up until late at night. Quite often a person wakes up feeling tired and have no energy.

If you are included as people who are often uninspired and have no energy in the morning, do not worry. There are several easy and natural things that you can do to improve your energy after waking. Here are some ways to increase your energy and start the day more vigor, as reported by Health Me Up.

1 . Stretch your body when you wake up
After getting out of bed, take a few minutes to stretch your body like when you warm up before exercise. Take a deep and long breath, then move all your muscles, starting from the toes. It will make your mind and body really wake up before you perform other activities.

2 . Do not skip breakfast
For full schedule of activities, many people skip breakfast. Though breakfast is very necessary if you are going to do a variety of activities in a day. In addition, after overnight fasting, your body needs nutrition and food to function properly. Skipping breakfast will only make you tired.

3 . Try using aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can provide many benefits associated with energy and enthusiasm in the morning. You can start the day with the smell of lavender or vanilla to make your senses awakened. Aromatherapy can also help re- fresh your mind and make you more energized in the morning.

4 . Tap a part of the thymus
The thymus is an organ located in the center of the chest below the collarbone. Touch and tap the section to trigger the production of T – cells. T – cells will help you relieve stress and increase energy. Place your finger on the center of the chest and under the collarbone. Collarbone is the bone that forms the shoulder and connects the upper arm to the torso. Tap a few times on the thymus area for 20 seconds followed by a deep breath through the nose and mouth. Repeat until you feel more energetic.

5 . Sunshine
Sometimes it gets too hot or too cold so that you are reluctant to go out in the morning. However, the sun is still very important for the body. Walking in the morning for 10 minutes will help you increase your energy naturally. Remember to choose a healthy morning sun and yet still contains a lot of UV radiation.

Those are some natural things you can do to keep your body energized and excited in the morning. Then you can begin your morning with high spirit and energy level that will give you a positive feeling for the whole day. Good luck!

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